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About beauty

The medical branches of science that are related to the study of skin and its nature, structure, work, disease and treatment are called dermatology. The skin is one of the largest and most important parts of the body. Healthy Skin

With a texture, it is slightly moist, soft and flexible, which is ideally smooth and fine. With good immune responses to the organisms who try to touch healthy skin processes or enter it, the reaction of some acid reaction. The Western Beauty Clinic is a “beauty parlor, massage parlor, and offers a “beauty service at home, and a “salon service at home.

Six types of skin work

protection, sensation, heat regulation, emission, secretion, and absorption.

(1) protection

Skin injury and bacteria protect the body from attack. The outer layer of the epidermis is covered with a thin layer of Symbion, which provides it waterproof. It is resistant to the widest variety of outer layer temperature, minor injuries, chemically active substances and various types of bacteria.

(2) sensation

By stimulating sensory nerve end, the skin responds to heat, cold, touch, pressure and pain. When the nerve end is induced, a message is sent to the brain. If you touch some warm, sensory nerve end, you feel pain by scratching it away or pulling away, are located near the hair follicles.

(3) heat regulation

This means that the skin saves the body from the environment. A healthy body maintains the continuous internal temperature of approximately 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. As the external temperature changes, the blood and sweat glands of the skin make a necessary adjustment so that the body can be cooled by the evaporation of sweat.

(4) emissions

Sweat glands are excreted through the sweating skin. The loss of water through sweating takes salt and other chemicals along with it.

(5) absorption

Sweat through the sweat glands is excreted through the skin. Lose of salt and other chemicals along with it after losing sweat.

(6) secretion

Sebaceous, or oil, is secreted by the Sebaceous glands. This oil lubricates the skin, maintains it soft and innocent. Oil also keeps the hair soft. Emotional stress may increase the flow of apples. (Click here more knowledge)



Silver rupees: -1500
Pearl RS: -1800
Gold RS: -2000
Diamond RS: -2200
Oxygen RS: -2500

Treatment facial

INSTA Glow RS: -3000
Ultra-Cole making / Headroom Faces RS: -3500
MDI BAC for ACNE Rs: -3500
Smart rs of age: -4000
Power Premium for Vengeance / Tan / Bright: -4000


Royal RS: -700
Gold Rs.1000
Oxygen RS: -1500
Oxy Batch RS: – 350
Day Tan Rs: -400


Underarm: -100/200
Ankit RS: -350
Weapon RS: -300/500
Foot rs: -400/600
Bikini RS: -2500
Back or stomach: -700/1000
Full Body RS: -2500/3500

Body therapy

Stress relief Rs: -2000
Infinite Bliss RS: -2500
Anti-cellulite RS: -2500

Body polishing

Signature RS: -3500
Diamond RS: -5000

head massage

Indian Head Massage: -700
Aroma Head Massage Rs.1000
Head and foot massage Rs: -2000
Crystal Healing Therapy RS: -2500
Foot Reflexology RS .: -800


Signature RS: -650
French Rupees: -700
Crystal RS: -1200
Dermalogica RS: -2000


Signature RS: -550
French Rupees: -600
Crystal RS: -1200
Dermalogica RS: -1800


Brow bucks: -50
RS for forehead: -30
Upper lip rs: -30