how to face facial at home and good eye makeup

face facial and eye makeup pic

Face Facial At Home

Due to our busy time, we can not go to the parlor regularly. We have a choice of that, so you can take care of your skin at home. How to do something at home in a few easy steps. Read further to know the pumping fatigue.

Clean well

For facials at home, you have to be completely dependent on face wash, which nourishes and deepens your skin. For this, we have Dove Deep Pure Beauty Face Wash, which retains the skin’s moisture and clears the pores.


Then, use the St Ives Exotic Scrub, which removes dead cells from your skin. Then, to steer the holes, take steam on your face and improve blood circulation (blood circulation).

New skin

Complete this process of your home facializes with Lekma Absolute skin gloss overnight mask, which hydrates your skin. In the morning, you will wake up with a hair-lit, clean and hydrated skin.

How To Make Good Makeup For Eyes

You must have seen such kind of makeup on runway models as well as on your favorite artists, but when it comes to getting attractive eyesight, you will always feel disappointed with all your accomplishments. Now it’s time to pause your concerns because it will be explained in this video how to be skillful in making Kajariari eyes.

Want to make your eyes attractive? Then make eye camera by doing make-up. At first, it will seem to be an actor, but once you have the right things, making smoky eye makeup is very easy. You want Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner which is not stains, it has a felt tip which makes it easy to apply. To make your eyelids thick, use the luxuriant Flutter Secrets Dramatic Ice Mascara and use the Lakme 9 to 5 I Quartet or the I-Shadow Palette to bring a shimmer to your eyes. Trust black skin Ikonic mascara which is always waterproof, stained-free mascara for eyes.

Method 1

Take a shade of brown shade on the shadow brush from the palette and apply it on your entire lid.

Method 2

Choose fade shade, especially transparent and mix it with brown to fill it at the very bottom of your eyebrows.

Method 3

Use the blender brush to blend both eyeshadows with full eyes.

Method 4

Once you are able to make the base makeup of your eyes, use a brown lacquer iconic mascara to make a thick line on the upper eyelid and lower eyelids. Spread it with your finger to make it more effective.

Method 5

Next time to apply mascara. First, make a triangular on the corners of your eyes. After this, the same Shadow Brush on which the shadow is already installed and spread the mascara on the sockets of the upper eyelids and whole eyes.

Method 6

To make your eyes look more attractive, put black coals on the lower eyelid, especially towards the edges. Once this is done, use a brush to add some more beauty to it.

Method 7

Choose a shade from the eyeshadow of your pallet, and take some of its finger on the middle part of your eyelids. Make a line again on the upper eyelid, this time make the Lacam Absolute Precision with liquid liner. Now make a final layer of Mascara and finalize it and you are ready to scatter with kajarari eyes.

Remember that the Kajariari can also get the look of eyes from other colors. Both brown and black colors are important for especially tired eyes, but if you want to experience the wonderful, then follow the same method to get the eyes of Najarian using any color. To increase the attraction, brownish eyes are more effective and use black to get attractive and sexy eyes, which will surely make you different in the crowd.