Use the garlic paste in just 2 days the hair will be thick

garlic paste

garlic paste

There are many problems related to hair problems in the people nowadays, due to life-filled strokes, irregular food, and stressful life. Whether there are women or men, everybody is going through some kind of problems related to hair. Alam is that not only women but men are also being the victim of baldness at the present time. People also have hair problems due to the use of coloring and other types of products in the hair. If you do not trust hair gel in the market, you can easily make hair gel in the house. They do not cause any kind of damage to the hair. It is also very easy to make it. To make this you just need some garlic and coconut oil.

Benefits of garlic

If you are worried about applying garlic in hair, then we tell you that garlic is very beneficial for hair. Generally, people put garlic only to increase flavor in the vegetable, but do you know how beneficial the garlic is for your hair? Even scientists and experts believe that Garlic is a special element that protects hair from many shortcomings. Applying garlic in hair strengthens hair roots. Garlic is good for hair to grow again. It also stops hair loss and nourishes Scalp. It is also helpful for Russians.

Coconut is beneficial for hair

There is no better solution than coconut oil for long, dense and waving hair. This oil has many advantages. You can not just massage the oil in the hair to strengthen hair, but to keep the hair shine, you can massage oil with an hour before washing hair.

The mixture of garlic and coconut

A fine paste of garlic in a bowl. Now add coconut oil to it. Rubbing this mixture thoroughly with the roots of your hair. Keep this mixture on the hair for about 3 to 4 hours. Now you wash your hair. By doing this for a while your hair will be stronger and thicker than the root.