Guava leaves stop hair loss


Guava leaves stop hair loss

It is beneficial for our body as much as is useful in eating the guava. The address of guava is not less than any potent medicine or gift for humans. There are many miraculous properties hidden in guava leaves. Hardly you would know that the problem of hair fall from guava leaves can also be solved. The fruits of Guava and its leaves contain plenty of vitamin C. The use of guava leaves can prevent hair loss. We are telling you through this article!

Boil one liter of water in a vessel for at least 20 minutes, put the leaves in it. Now, wait for the solution to cool down.
Now put the solution in a bottle for further use and keep it in such a place to take it even further in the temperature where the temperature is the lowest in the house. This solution will reduce the stiffness of the hair and make it shiny and healthy.
Now spread the solution completely on the palm and apply the hair to the roots well. Let them stay in the hair for a few hours before shampoo. Otherwise, you can sleep by putting a shower cap by putting it all night. Wash your hair in the morning.

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In Guava, vitamin C is directly below the peel, and this volume decreases in the inner part. This amount increases with the addition of fruit. Guava is the major citric acid in which six to twelve percent of the seeds are in the seed.

(1):-The filling of a ripe guava is very beneficial for the diabetic patient. Sugar levels are lower in blood than guava intake. There is more fiber in this, which help digest sugar and increase insulin.

(2):-There is a good amount of folate in it, which increases fertility in women. Women who are interested in becoming a mother should eat guava every day.

(3):-Guava has four times more vitamin C than oranges. Antioxidants present in Vitamin C increase the body’s resistance and help the body fight cancer.

(4):-Potassium present in guava reduces the effect of sodium in the body, which can get rid of the problem of blood pressure. Apart from this, it is low in cholesterol levels in the body.

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(1):-Iodine is a good amount of amounts of guava which relaxes the thyroid problem. It keeps the hormonal balance of the body.

(2):-Vitamin B is found in good quantity in guava. In addition, there is also niacin which increases blood circulation, so that the brain works faster. In addition, the substance called pyridoxine is beneficial for the brain and nerves.

(3):-Pink guava contains twice the amount of lycopene tomatoes, which protects skin from ultraviolet rays and protects against skin cancer.

(4):-On cold and cold, eating roasted amaranth with salt and pepper gets rid of the condition of cold. Vitamin C contained in it proves to be very beneficial in colds.

(5):-The best medicine to keep the fibers or fibers metabolism found in guava, then people who have stomach upset must take guava.

(6):-Eat a guava every day we the light is diminished. Vitamin A is essential for eyes in abundance.