How To Use Hair Straighteners and How to care for henna

Hair Straighteners

How To Use
hair straighteners

Everyone wants straight (straight) and shiny hair. But without salon, it can be difficult to get them. So we have to get straight and silky hair at home for some steps.

Step 1: Prepare well

Before starting straightening, wash and condition your hair with the racemic ionic strength shampoo and conditioner range, it contains positively charged ionic ingredients, which protect your hair from harm.

Step 2: Comb your hair

Start combing your hair and using the pedal brush. Start with the edge and take it to your scalp. It helps in solving the tumors.

Step 3: Remove Prep

Before starting styling, put heat protectant spray on your hair which will prevent your hair from burning and damaging.

Step 4: Divide the hair into pieces and straighten it

Divide one part of your hair on the top of the head, the other part in the middle and the third part right above the neck and separate with the help of clips, and then start straightening your hair.

Step 5: Adopt the right type of flat iron

Choosing the right type of flat iron is very important. Therefore, select Ionic Flat Iron, which is made of ceramic or titanium material. To straighten your hair, start by brushing a portion of the round ceramic brush, which is specially made for styling. Start with roots, take to the ends and keep them in your hair for a few moments.

Step 6: Seal

Once you have straightened your hair, use the bedhead by Tiggy Merced Out Hair Spray (to spray approximately 10 to 12 inches) to keep the hairstyle in place.

How to care for henna

Heena Meena is an old and organic alternative to getting the natural color of hair, but it requires very high maintenance. You can use it to color your hair and take care of later, see how.

sharpness care (rukhapan)

Heena Hair Dye is a natural, chemical-free hair dye, but stays your hair, so it is necessary to moisturize your hair properly. There is a way in which moisturizing oils can be mixed in the Hena method, and the other way is to massage your hair with natural oils such as almonds and castor oils.

Care of hair nature

Hina can damage the nature of your hair. It opens up your curl and makes your hair stiff over time. Negative effects are reduced due to the addition of powder in the Heena Method.

Care of scalp

Once you use henna in the hair, you need shampoo and conditioner, which provides your hair safe and moisture. We like the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Range, it has a formula rich in oxygen which makes the hair dense.

Color care

Hyena is a type of dye and to get rid of it, you either increase hair or cut hair.