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today I’m going to tell you about “Hair’s skin health, and nutrition health. First of all, I want to tell you how our hair gets damaged by the skin of the skin. When we take bath and after that, we start oil. If we do not wash our hair for two or three days then our skin gets dry. By which the hair gets destroyed and our hair starts falling. So wash your

hair once a day. Friends, people always put oil in your hair just half an hour before bathing, and then you will never have any smell in your hair like this. Friends, people should never wear different brands of oil, but they also have their hair weak. Always give them oil and one brand of them.

You guys always work for one week, work with your head, do half an hour or an hour massage or make your head spa masseuse. Even if you have a “spa massage, your skin is strong and hair is healthy.

why need nutrition hair skin 

Friends Have you ever thought that you have the biggest problem with your hair damaging nutrition?What happens in the nutrition? There are some vitamins in your body. There are some amino acids and some proteins are formed. These are all made up of nutrition.If all of these are full in your body then you do not get any disease or your hair is damaged. Now the question arises that all these vitamins and mineral and take it from the protein and eat it today I am going to tell you that we can take all these food and eat your body and hair healthy.

(1) Protein

Protein meets most of the milk and milk products. Proteins get soya from proteins, but you get very much protein from meats, but the question is that we eat all this in the daily routine. We do not eat, because of which the disease seems to be ailments.Therefore, due to the lack of protein, our hair gets damaged.Friends Do you know that if our body weight is 80 kilograms then we should take 80 gm protein but we can not take it every day. So today in a very easy way, you are going to tell you all to take protein.

(1):- one cup milk every day

(2):- 100gm meet every day

(3):- four egg every day

(4):-soya daal 10gm everyday

(5):- All Plant Protein 1 spoon every day (Amway Company)


Friends, we need 13 Vitamins and 11 Minerals daily. We will get all these from us.They will meet us with fruits and we will get them from Vegetable. If we have 13 vitamins daily, we will have 13 types of vegetable stuff. We can not eat the cups 13 vegetables. Therefore our body lacks vitamins and we become ill, due to which we also read the effect on our hair. For this, you should try as much as possible that you can make cucumber radish and tomatoes in the salad.You have to give as much material as possible to him in the salad. (read more)