How to color your hair with fruit

How to color your hair with fruit

How to color your hair with fruit

“How to color your hair with fruit, Today, we will tell you how you can keep your hair healthy.To make hair stylish, people use different types of beauty products such as shampoo, hair dye, hair gel, hair color etc. The amount of chemicals in the hair color products is very high. Therefore, hair may become stylish even though these chemical products are very harmful to scalp. If you are also fond of hair color, leave harmful chemicals and follow the recommended fruit treatment. With the help of these natural treatments, hair will become beautiful and there is no harm to them. How to color your hair with fruit If you have been given some natural prescriptions below, then you can see them carefully and follow them.

Fruit Juice Treatment

Lemon is a very good source of vitamin C naturally and it cures many hair and skin related problems easily. But do you know that lemon is also effective in coloring your hair? To block hair color you can use lemon juice. This use of lemon juice makes it stronger and shiny as well as highlighting your hair.

The need of these things

Fruit Juice Treatment is very easy and natural for coloring hair, so you can do it easily at home without fear of any damage. For this, you need two teaspoon lemon juice, two teaspoons orange juice, a spoonful of cinnamon powder, a little lukewarm water, mild hair conditioner, sunscreen lotion, a spray bottle and wide teeth. Collect all these things.

How will these treatments

To paint hair, first, fill the lukewarm water in the spray bottle. Now add 3-4 drops of cinnamon powder, lemon juice, orange juice and conditioner in this water and mix well. Now spray the solution on the place where you need to highlight your hair, with the help of cotton wool. After that sit in the sunlight for a while. Hair color will start bleeding due to exposure to sunlight. To change hair color with citric acid, it is important to sit in the high sunlight. Therefore, after spraying in the hair, use the sunscreen well in the entire body.

 Sunscreen use

If you want good results for it, then sit for a long time in the sunlight. Do not burn skin from sunlight, wear good clothes and sunscreen. Within half an hour, you will begin to see changes in hair color. After that wash, the hair with chemical-less shampoo Repeats this process 2 to 3 times a week. Using this mixture will not help to see the side effects of any external environment in your hair. Nor will any change in your hair color change. If the hair has a reddish look, then lemon juice can be mixed with the solution of tea or water. Keep this mixture in your hair for at least 60 minutes to keep it long enough for your hair.