How to remove lip blackness in two days

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How to remove lip blackness in two days

If you think that just to look beautiful, just white and good personality is enough, then you are probably wrong. Because our lips have a very important role to play in our beauty. But not only many women but men also have to face the problem of black lips. To hide what we use from lipstick, lip balm to Mastercraft and not to use. But many of the products placed on the lips actually make them darker rather than make them beautiful. If you are also troubled by the tearing or blackness of your lips, then today we are telling you some home remedies for them.

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sugar beets

Winters have almost come. In this case, beetroot too will be coming in the market soon. Beetroot is very beneficial for removing the blackness of the lips. Sugar is also beneficial for lips as much as grains for the body. Cutting the beetroot on the lips and making the lips pink and shiny and blackness is removed.

Milk cream

Malai is also very beneficial for lips. It also removes blackness of the lips and also eliminates blackness. To apply this, mix the turmeric in a little cream and massage regularly on the lips while sleeping at night. You will see that this home remedy will make your lips soft and pink in a few days.

Rose petals

Rose leaves are the perfect remedy to remove the blackness of the lips. With its regular use, the color of lips is light pink and shiny. You can also apply a little amount of glycerin in the paste of rose leaves.


The lemon is called the anti-blackness of blackness. In such a case, the blackness of the lips will remove the lemon very quickly. For this, you rub the lemon leaky on your lips in the morning and evening. You can lightly massage the lips with lemon peel.


The use of honey can also be rid of the blackness of the lips. Take a little honey on your finger and slowly rub it on your lips. Even after 3 to 4 days, you will see the effect yourself.