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It is a big challenge for working women to find time for themselves between home and family. These problems are especially for those women whose children are small. Most of the working women do not have time to do make-up and take care of themselves so that they can not keep their skin and hair as they should. In this way, most women’s skin becomes gradually rigid due to lack of attention. But by adopting these tips, Working Women can also take care of themselves by making their own makeup in a short time.

If the hair does not have a drying time

If the hair does not have a drying time or the dryer is not there, do not worry. For this, you wrap the wet hair in the cotton cloth after drying with towels. This will remove excess moisture from the hair and the natural movers will be saved. As you would like, the hair will twist and you will be able to choose your favorite hairstyle easily. For shine in hair, you can use the serum after drying like this.

Sleep condition

If you do not get enough sleep because of excessive busyness or delay in returning to a party at night and have to go to the office early in the morning, then there is a strange kind of dusk on your face, which is most likely around your eyes Glance on the skin In such a situation, the skin around the eyes becomes darker and the eyelids seem cumbersome, due to which your face also looks lifeless. But you can easily hide these days. For this, match the color of your skin in the lower part of the eye or apply a white colored pencil and apply the eyeliner on your eyes. This will make your eyes look beautiful.

To make eye-ache beautiful

At leash (Barauni) also boosts your beauty. After applying a mascara, put a little baby powder on a foil of cotton and put it on the asphalt with light hands and after that lighten mascara once again. This will show your eyelashes and eyes look very beautiful.

If there is no time for the shampoo

If you do not have time for the shampoo, dry shampoo is a good choice for you. This shampoo is in the form of a spray that sprays on your hair becomes cleansed of your hair. It also removes hair from the hair and starts to shine hair. But keep in mind that despite using it, clean hair with liquid shampoo at least once a week.

For manicures and pedicure

Being a working woman, you have a lot of work in common days, apart from it, there is a lot of work needed for family and children in the days of vacation, so if you do not have time to go to the parlor and you do not have to do pedicures and manicure If not, do not worry. For this, put the petroleum jelly on your hands and feet before sleeping in the night and then wear socks on your feet and cover your hands. This will maintain your skin’s natural moisturizer and the hands and feet of the skin will be seen in the next morning.