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spa massage


spa western beauty clinic Jaipur has a specialty of the spa and takes plenty of flame prints and compared to the spa.These spas take the lowest price in Jaipur and offer all kinds of services. The Western Beauty Clinic also offers services in the home and hotels in Jaipur. We request you from the people that if you have any in our service If you seem to be lacking, then you can apply the Complaint to the number given above of our website.


Spa treatments and massage treatments, which are quick and relatively inexpensive, make both mental and physical health benefits. In fact, studies have shown that the frequency of travel to the spa directly leads to better quality sleep less sick days. less absence from work and Less is related to hospital recruitment. More especially

heat and heat, steam bath with fibromyalgia and other joint issues relieves pain and pain. Improve blood circulation and management of blood pressure, both water treatment, heat therapy and massage. Some spas also have Pilates and yoga, which improve flexibility and breathing.

During the process of massage therapy, lymph flow stimulation improves the immune system by properly lymphatic flow, protecting the body, pulling metabolic waste from the muscles, extra water, toxic substances, and bacteria. In turn, swelling and pain in the ability to deal with the disease are less. Massage also improves circulation and posture.

Facials and sludge remove the skin from baths, made waste and bacteria. It is important because the skin is not only the body’s largest organ, it is the first line of defense against environmental toxins. Tension strains are also released from the face with head and neck, which can prevent a headache. Soil bath nourishes the skin through the soil, soil,

and water, such as the natural elements of the Earth, which are filled with vitamins and minerals.
As an extra stress reliever, most of the spa try to use products that increase the physical and mental benefits of your particular service or treatment. In other words, lotions, scrubs, wrappers come in pleasant pleasures such as Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Elo. In fact, in the most common wardrobe, there are scabs to create houses from the spa components at home.read more



Herbal Steam 600 / – 40 Minutes
Foot reflexology Rs. 1000 / – 40 minutes
Foot reflexology 1300 / – 60 minutes
back Massage 1000/40 minutes
Back and head massage Rs.1200 / – 40 minutes
Aroma therapy Rs. 2,200 / – 60 minutes
Aroma therapy 3,000 / – 90 minutes
stress Massage 2,500 / – 60 minutes
Medication Massage Rs 3,500 / – 90 Minutes
Bolus Therapy 2,200 / – 60 minutes
Bulls massage 4,500 / – 90 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage 3,000 / – 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage 4000 / – 90 minutes
Chocolate & Coffee Massage Rs 3,000 / – 60 Minutes
Chocolate banquet worth Rs. 6,000 / – 150 minutes
pre netal Massage Rs 2,500 / – 60 minutes
Balinese Physical Therapy 4,000 / – 90 Minutes
Hot Stone Massage 4000 / – 90 Minutes
Couple massage extra charge Rs. 1,200 / – 60/90 minutes