These 7 home remedies are blackened by white hair.


7 home remedies

Nowadays lifestyle has become so stressed that the hair has started to become white even before the age. In such a way, when we see ourselves in the mirror, our tension gets doubled. Not everyone can take expensive treatments available in the market. And-so-and, their result will be Positive, this is not necessary. That is why, today we are telling you 7 such solutions to this problem, which are ready at home.

1)- Amla

Pieces some of the herbs and let them boil in coconut oil until it becomes darker. Then rub the oil on the head. Also, add the paste of amla in lemon juice and apply it on the head. By doing this regularly, your hair will start to be black in a few days. In addition to eating Amla, add lemon juice to Amla’s powder and mix it regularly. After shampoo, after mixing Amla powder in water, hair conditioning is done, and their color remains intact.

(2)- coconut oil

Make some drops of coconut oil mixed with lemon juice and massage it on the head with this oil. Your hair will also be black and there will also shine on them. Apart from this, you can make neem leaves hard leaf and cornflower flowers in coconut oil. After cooling this mixture well, massage the head after cooling. Do not stay the whole night. You can also bind the hair with a plastic cover or old clothes. Wash the next morning. Your hair will be shiny and soft.

(3)- Ginger

 The problem of hair fall is not only girls but boys also have to be two-four and despite having adopted a thousand measures, there is no permanent solution. Now the time has come to talk about the use of ginger and the problem of hair falling, ta-ta, bye-bye. Take 1 teaspoon grated ginger and mix the jojoba or olive oil in it. Then apply this mixture to the hair roots and leave for half an hour. Shampoo after half an hour. You will feel already in the wash that the hair is breaking down.

(4)- Guava leaves

Grind some leaves of guava thoroughly and rub the paste regularly on the scalp. You will also benefit from this. Guava leaves contain many types of nutrients and it is also quite popular. The amount of Vitamin B and C is also very high in these leaves, which helps in hair growth or hair loss.

(5)- ghee

You must have seen the elderly of your house massaged with ghee on the head. Even if you find it strange, but ghee gets the skin of the head. Massaging the head with ghee daily can also be rid of the problem of white hair. Massage the head with pure country ghee after 2 weeks, it will be beneficial.


 Onions help to whiten your white hair. Put onion paste in your hair sometime before bathing for a few days. With this, your white hair will start getting dark, but the hair fall will also stop.

(7)- Flowers

Make powder of bubbling flowers and boil it in water for 20 minutes. Then filter it and let it cool down. After this put it on the head.